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Optimize your industrial productivity with Groupe Newtown – experts in skilled labour leasing to meet your specific needs.

 You can trust in our experience to energize your operations today!

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Groupe Newtown | Location de main d'oeuvre | Industrielle


Immediate availability

We have qualified personnel available at all times to meet your temporary needs.

Attractive hourly rates

Make up for labour shortages and recruitment constraints at very attractive rates!

Turnkey service

We’ll put you in touch with construction workers quickly, without spending time recruiting.

We handle training

We take care of recruiting and training personnel, managing payroll and DAS, and making CNESST contributions.

Fast track your production!

Our commitment to industry is reflected in our highly skilled and adaptable industrial day labourer leasing service. At Groupe Newtown, we understand the unique challenges faced by industrial enterprises, and we’re committed to providing a workforce that can adapt to a variety of work environments.
Whether you need day labourers for specific tasks or for longer-term projects, we’re here to provide you with customized solutions to meet your most demanding needs.


A simple, effective solution

Groupe Newtown | Location de main d'oeuvre | avantages

Forget about labour shortages, we have qualified construction workers available today.

Worksites can operate at optimum speed

Groupe Newtown | Location de main d'oeuvre | avantages

Have an unforeseen problem or a worksite that’s behind schedule? Don’t worry; we’ve got the personnel power to get things back on track.

Access to qualified candidates

Groupe Newtown | Location de main d'oeuvre | avantages

Our construction workers are trained, experienced and accustomed to working on job sites, whether small or complex.

Groupe Newtown | Main d'oeuvre | Industrielle

Available now for your worksite!

Industrial day labourers

Our skilled workers can perform a variety of tasks, enabling companies to maintain their productivity without the constraints of permanent hiring.

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